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LED signs have gotten trendy these days. Signage has been around for a while and has only helped businesses to flourish. Customers do pay attention to those signs that are creative and innovative.
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acmesignincc on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, 10:40:01, 3 Weeks Ago, Comments [0]

LED signs have gotten trendy these days. Signage has been around for a while and has only helped businesses to flourish. Customers do pay attention to those signs that are creative and innovative.

That said, LED signs have become quite the game changer for businesses, as studies reveal that attractive LED/illuminated displays grab more customer attention than their traditional counterparts. One of such outdoor signs is called the Marquee sign. Read on to know how Marquee signs are favorable for businesses:

1. First off, just like any other form of outdoor sign, scrolling marquee signs helps people discover your business. Small and medium sized businesses can benefit a lot from installing Marquee signs, as they get to popularize their brand without having to go for expensive options such as TV, newspaper or radio advertising.

2. Marquee signs give you the ability to customize them whenever you want. Personalizing such signs gives you the ability to deliver the exact message that you’d like to convey. This could be about any promotional offers or deals that your company is running, for instance.

3. Speaking of customization, Marquee signs help you to display different messages at different times of the day. For example, if you are running a restaurant, you can display breakfast menu options in the morning, another message for lunch at noon and a different one for those approaching to have dinner. Marquee signs are also used to display traffic alerts or weather updates as well.

4. Marquee signs are sure to raise awareness for your brand and get people talking. Studies suggest that LED business signs have a value equivalent to 24 full page newspaper ads. Research also finds that LED signs generate more impulse purchases than when there’s no such sign present. When people notice your LED signs more than once, the impact of brand awareness do last for quite some time.

5. The business world is very competitive today and Marquee business signs can help you stay ahead of the competition. As a businessperson, you need to think different if you want to grab more customers down the road. Installing Marquee LED signs is one of the ways with which your business or storefront can really stand out from the rest.

Marquee LED signs can do a lot to impart success for your business. Get in touch with a leading signage manufacturer to install your signage and leverage your profit margin!

The author is a seasoned professional working in a recognized sign company in Kansas City. He is also a regular writer offering tips and advice on outdoor signs in Kansas City. For more details, visit

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